Sheet Metal Panels

South Hills Crossing: San Luis Obispo, CA



KTGY: Los Angeles, CA


General Info:

  • Low income Affordable apartments
  • New Construction

Pictured Scope of Work:

Light Grey metal panels above red cement board siding

  • 24 ga. Kynar steel ‘Ash Grey’, 16” wide ‘Vertical Seam’ panel w/ auxiliary 2” x 2” ‘Maxi Batten’ installed over the panel ribs per Metal Sales Manufacturing
  • Roughly 17,000 square feet of installed panels
  • Panels are installed at private decks and breezeways, creating continual aesthetic flow
  • Furnished and installed all of the general sheet metal (deck flashings, roof flashings, cement board siding trims, ect.)
  • Performed all of the interior exhaust ducting and wall furnace installation (not pictured)


Project Challenges:

  • The panels were installed over a ½” sub-girt system (continuous wall furring installed every 24”-36” for panel attachment, creating airspace between the wall sheathing and the metal panels)
    • This meant that all the of the doors/windows and any penetrations were furred out as well,  all of the pre and post panel trim flashings were doubled if not tripled in order to achieve a weathertight installation
  • Working with the sunshade fabricators and installers to create weathertight penetrations in the wall panel systems for a seamless install
  • Installing metal panels within living space (balconies and breezeways), meant that sharp and dangerous metal by nature needed to be installed with care, eliminating injury hazards to the occupants