Rustic Modern Ranch, Ojai, CA

  • Custom Metal Roof
  • House 4,113 sqft
  • Detached Garage 1,600 sqft
  • Guest House 699 sqft



General Info:

Pictured Scope of Work:

Our customer chose a metal roof which is one of the fastest growing projects of home improvements. The benefits of installing metal roofing is the proven performance expectation of 50+ years, a variety of styles to match your home, wind and fire resistance and also that it is energy efficient by keeping your home cooler. They also chose to use corrugated wall panels. These metal accents are becoming one of the most sought out panels for interior and exterior building projects. The copper chimney shroud was fabricated in our shop and not only serves as a beautiful focal point of the home but is also disguises the visibility of unsightly spark-arrestor’s. Copper is an attractive metal material with excellent durability and very efficient in maintaining your homes heating and cooling costs.

Roof panel on garage and main house

        • 16” vertical seam panel, flat pan, per Metal Sales Manufacturing, color “Medium Bronze”

Barrel Roof (curved) panel on garage and main house

        • 16” mini-batten panel per Metal Sales Manufacturing, color “Medium Bronze”
        • This panel was selected because of its ability to be formed into a radius

Wall Panel on all structures (garage, main house, guest house/studio)

        • ½” deep corrugated panel per Metal Sales Manufacturing, color “Taupe”

Rain Gutter at all structures, custom profile 24 gauge Kynar painted steel, color “Medium Bronze”Downspouts are 3” round aluminum, color to match siding color they are installed over

    • Pic 1 – garage w/ loft on left, guest house on right
      1. Garage has roofing panels and wall panels
      2. Guest house has wall panels
      3. Both have rain gutter and downspout
    • Pic 2 – overhead shot of all structures, main house on left, garage top right, guest house bottom right
    • Pic 3 – back side of main house
      1. Barrel roof with mini-batten panels on bottom right, panels were ran through a machine onsite so that they would match the radius of the roof
      2. Custom copper chimney shroud, fabricated and installed by Kaiser
      3. Wall panels installed where side by side windows occur